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6 Ways to Avoid Hunger

Anyone who has body odor knows the bad effects. Dont play with the air in your body! Most of the wind in the body is caused by the lifestyle we practice & the way we eat. Lack of health awareness and excessive consumption of junk food also contribute to this problem. Eating too much airy […]

Tuina massage helps relieve cough in children

Parents should be worried if their child is always suffering from cough and cold. Small children have trouble sleeping at night due to uncomfortable conditions. There are different ways to get relief from cough in children besides getting special treatment at the doctors office or hospital. This method can be done by parents sitting at […]

Is it necessary to fight? Here are 5 things women should know.

After giving birth I was not well. Remember to massage. I will order later. But need a massage? Its a terrible thing. We usually ask for squatting massages when we evoke behaviors related to lowering squats or the lower abdomen. Some people think that squatting is no longer useful or dangerous at this age. 5 […]

Heres how pregnant women can massage the perineum to reduce the risk of post-rupture!

During the third trimester of pregnancy expectant mothers are advised to perform perineal massage which is believed to reduce the risk of vaginal tears during childbirth. Perineal massage in the third trimester of pregnancy Pregnant women are recommended to perform perineal massage in the 34th week or third trimester. Where is the perineum? The tissue […]