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Is it necessary to fight? Here are 5 things women should know.

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After giving birth I was not well. Remember to massage. I will order later. But need a massage? Its a terrible thing. We usually ask for squatting massages when we evoke behaviors related to lowering squats or the lower abdomen. Some people think that squatting is no longer useful or dangerous at this age.

5 Things Women Must Know About Infidelity

1. What is Sengkak Massage?

Sengkak massage in Malaysian obstetrics is a form of internal massage or uterine lift massage performed to cleanse the body especially the position of the uterus. Treatment of women with normal delivery. Sengkak is not recommended at the beginning of the week because there is a fear that it may harm the still swollen uterus.


2. How Peranakan Can ‘Fall’?

Women who have just given birth tend to experience ‘falling’ childbirth problems for a number of reasons such as straining during childbirth, constipation, tight curves, prolonged coughing, or doing heavy work.

All these activities cause high pressure on the abdomen and force the muscles to work hard to accommodate the uterus, then become loose. During pregnancy as well, the mother has borne the burden of a heavy pregnancy for 40 weeks.


3. Is it possible to perform a pelvic massage if giving birth by surgery?

Women who deliver by cesarean section do not need genital massage. Unlike women who give birth naturally a cesarean section is not filtered and the uterus does not change its position. However if symptoms such as miscarriage or uterine prolapse occur it is best to consult a doctor for more specific treatment.

4. Apart from Mothers Giving Birth, Who Else Is Recommended For Breast Massage?

Sengkak massage is an alternative therapy for women who suffer from mass allergies uterine muscle weakness miscarriage menstrual cramps etc. Labor/miscarriage symptoms include discomfort pain pain or burning. Frequent urination during birth. In severe cases a person may feel so much stomach pain that they cannot walk.

5. How to Prevent Falling Uterus Problems?

Massage is just one alternative treatment that can help deal with the problem of uterine prolapse. However, there are certainly other ways that can be done to maintain the health of the uterus in general.

Among them:

  • Reduce pressure on the abdomen. Avoid straining while urinating, lifting heavy objects, standing for too long, and don’t bend too tightly.
  • Do Kegel exercises
  • Wearing a maternity belt to support the uterus / abdomen during pregnancy
  • Taking herbs or supplements (which are registered and believed to be safe) to help strengthen muscles.