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6 Ways to Avoid Hunger

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Anyone who has body odor knows the bad effects. Dont play with the air in your body!

Most of the wind in the body is caused by the lifestyle we practice & the way we eat.

Lack of health awareness and excessive consumption of junk food also contribute to this problem.

Eating too much airy food causes problems with air in the body

The same goes for those of us who are not active in sports, which will cause wind to accumulate in the body. Not only that, if we are stressed or stressed it can also cause wind in the body.

These are some of the ways you can follow to get rid of gas in your body. Maybe this method is not suitable for you it depends on each persons level.

1. Ginger Water

Take a piece of ginger and add it to a cup of warm water. Prepare a ginger water stew to make it even better. After drinking this mixture you will really breathe. Staying away from public places when bombs are dropped can be embarrassing. Not only is it a breeze but youll feel energized and bright. Your blood flow will be regular. It is best to practice every day and you will feel the difference in yourself.

2. Garlic

It is more difficult than mixing food alone. Especially if it smells like bitter sap. I cant wait! I suggest roasting 2-3 cloves of garlic first. When it is lit the smell and taste are not too strong. Garlic is not only good for flatulence but it is also good for reducing body fat and antioxidants.

3. Cupping

This is a great way to get the air out of your body. Always practice this cupping technique. It removes air around the body skin. Cupping releases more air before the blood leaves the skin. Cupping is also believed to have health benefits. Dirty blood comes out of the pores with air in it. When dirty blood is removed from your body your body automatically produces new blood. This is new

4. Exercise

There is no denying that exercise is the best way to get rid of wind in the body . Not only does the wind disappear in the body, but our body is also healthy.

When we exercise, we will sweat and indirectly, the blood flow will be smooth. Wind that is in the blood vessels will be easy to remove. Not only that, the wind will also come out together with the sweat that comes out of the body.

5. Massage

This is also one of the ways to get rid of wind in the body . A professional massage therapist will help manage the swollen nerves caused by the wind.

The body will feel fresh and energetic after the massage. If there is no good massage therapist in your location. You can do the massage yourself. Massage using hot oil or massage oil.

6. Herbal Medicines

Herbal medicines will indeed make our body warm and therefore pleasant the process of expelling wind in the body. The blood flow in the body will be smooth and the body will be refreshed.