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Body Massage

Massage is a therapeutic technique that uses different types of physical touch to relax rejuvenate and heal the body. It is used to treat a variety of emotional and physical health issues and is one of the most popular treatments on spa menus. What is massage therapy Massage involves stroking the dough while rolling and […]

Deep tissue massage. Risk benefits and what to expect

  Deep tissue massage targets the muscles and surrounding tissues. People can choose this type of massage to treat sports injuries or chronic pain and in this article we will look at the benefits and possible harms and side effects of deep tissue massage. Well also talk about what to expect during a massage and […]

Is deep tissue massage good for your muscles?

What is deep grilling and how does it work? Deep tissue massage is a type of massage used to treat musculoskeletal problems such as stress and sports injuries. It involves the application of constant pressure with slow deep strokes on the inner layers of muscle and connective tissue. It helps break down scar tissue that […]

5 important things to know about Traditional Thai Massage – Outdoor Therapy

At first glance a traditional Thai massage may seem like yoga with acupressure to the client. In many ways this is an accurate observation as traditional Thai massage finds its roots in thousands of years of Indian and Chinese Ayurvedic medicine. History of Traditional Thai Massage. Thailands proximity to China and the arrival of Buddhism […]

5 Massage Therapy You Can Try

Outdoor Therapy – Massage therapy is a treatment by a certified trained therapist to manipulate the soft tissues of your body using various levels of pressure and movement. Soft tissues include muscles connective tissue ligaments tendons and skin. There are many different types of massage with different techniques. Check out 5 types of massage you […]