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This massage relieves headache without taking panadol

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O lazy headache to swallow pills. There is no other way to drive away the headache. It is true that there are ways to get rid of pains other than pain relievers that can be done quickly and effectively. The technique in question is a type of massage known as acupressure. According to the article on Bright Side there are types of acupuncture and reflexology but anyone can do it without a professional. This follow-up technique has been proven by many studies and scientific studies.

This massage relieves headaches without Panadol.

How to get rid of this headache you should massage at 6 places/points as shown in the picture below. First sit in a comfortable and relaxed position. Massage each indicated point in a circular motion or press firmly for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

1. The point between the foreheads

This point between the eyebrows is where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead. Massaging this area can relieve eye strain.

2. Two dots at the end of the eyebrows

These two acupuncture points located on the inner corner of the eyebrows not only enhance vision but also reduce colds.

3. Two Dots Below the Cheekbones

Massaging these two points helps relieve sinus problems and relieve headaches and toothaches.

4. Two Points On The Neck

Massage the two points shown below to relieve nasal congestion eye and ear pain severe pain or migraine headaches.

5. The Point Above The Ear

The top of the ear can treat eye strain and reduce pain in the area. Do this on both sides of the head.

6. Points Near the Base of the Thumb

Pressure or circular massage on this point can reduce back pain, toothache, and pressure on the neck muscles.

Do the same sequence on both hands.