package massage

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A package massage typically refers to a massage session or series of sessions that are sold as a package deal, rather than being purchased individually. These package deals may offer a reduced cost per session, and may be geared towards providing a certain number of massages over a specified period of time. These package massage typically include a certain service such as a full body massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, couples massage, sport massage and so on.

For example, a spa may offer a package deal of five one-hour massages for a discounted price, or a package deal that includes one massage per month for six months.

This is usually a popular option for those looking for a regular massage, wellness and relaxation on a regular basis.

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Traditional Malay Massage 60mins – RM200
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Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage 60mins – RM200
Deep Tissue Massage 120mins – RM256

Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage 60mins – RM200
Swedish Massage 120mins – RM256

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