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Massage Technique to relief pain & Stress

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Physical fitness is an important aspect of our daily routine. Some people will exercise more than usual (usually doing high intensity exercise). Often we do this heavy exercise as a way to lose more weight and quickly build muscle mass.

In addition, losing weight and building muscle mass must go hand in hand with protein -rich food choices. Some even opt for vegan alternatives and seek protein from plants for their best health.

Exercising and eating a healthy diet is exciting but after each exercise session, “the struggle is real.” Here a few technique therapists massage for you

Malay Traditional

A stronger and somewhat intense traditional healing massage can improve vitality, restore muscle tone and detoxify the body



Using a blend of essential oils, this session combines gentle and relaxing touches, designed to induce and restore the natural harmony between body, mind and soul.


Balinese Massage

Traditional Indonesian massages which combine stretching, long strokes, skin rolling, as well as palm and thumb pressure techniques for total relaxation.


Swedish Massage

The classic Western oil massage works predominantly with the muscles, soft tissues and joints, utilizing long, rhythmic strokes. Please request light, medium or deep pressure.


Japan Shiatsu

An oriental therapy of physical and energy rebalance applying pressure with forearms, knees, feet, thumbs, fingers and palms applied to determined areas and points of the human body

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