Japan Shiatsu

Introduction of Japan Shiatsu: Technique and Its Benefits

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The Outcall Therapy – Shiatsu massage is a type of massage in which therapists apply pressure to specific points on the body. Acupressure points are used in Shiatsu massage to apply rhythmic pressure to specific points. Many people love Japan Shiatsu massage because it has many health benefits like relieving stress and pain. Here is further explanation about this type of massage.


Aware that there must be a link between pain and pressure, as well as links between body parts, the Japanese developed a unique medical system known as Shiatsu. In fact, in the 1930s, Japan created a Shiatsu institute.

Shiatsu involves pressing and massaging specific areas and points on the body with fingers and palms. The pressure points are located along “meridians” – lines that run parallel to each other. Shiatsu massage therapists typically advise that you rest (and drink water) for an hour after your session to allow your body to detoxify and recover.


Shiatsu has many health benefits for the body and mind because it can induce a deep state of relaxation that helps the body’s systems function properly. It also improves blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as balancing the nervous, respiratory, and digestive systems, stimulating the immune system, and purifying the body deeply. Shiatsu also can help relieve mental problems.

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