Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What do I need to expect during my therapeutic massage session?

The therapist may need you to complete a health background form. Later the therapist will start by questioning you general concerns to identify what parts you would like to work on, in case there are any problems needing to be resolved and to determine whether massage is suitable for you or notthe therapist may carry out certain checks and assessment to judge your problem and to find out if you've any issues.

How much time will a massage therapy take and last?

The normal full-body massage therapy lasts around 60 minutes. A half-hour session only enables time for an incomplete massage treatment, for example, shoulders and neck, back or feet, and legs. Lots of people want a 60 to 90-minute treatment for optimum relaxation. Usually allow relaxation period just before and after the treatment.

In what way, will I feel after receiving my massage therapy?

Many people feel very peaceful. A few have a substantial decrease or flexibility in long-term pains and aches. Several feel a bit slowed down for a while and then feel a rise of strength, enhanced consciousness and improved efficiency which can work for days.

What number of sessions should I require?

Truthfully, it's difficult to mention. Every individual differs from the others, and every condition is different to each individual. It could take just one session, or it could take a number of. Both you and our specialist should be able to talk more precisely about this after the first session as well as he/she has had an opportunity to examine your body's tissues.

When should I not have a therapeutic massage?

In our view, there aren't many ailments which would keep you from enjoying atherapeutic massage. You shouldn't order a massage in case you have nausea, cold/flu, or infectious skin contamination. That's all.

How does therapeutic massage help me?

Massage treatment can be good for people with every age group and ailments, and it is traditionally used to help get respite from many particular complications, such as Inflammatory ailments, for example, joint disease and tendinitis, to reduce anxiety and associated disorders, severe headaches and migraine headaches, muscle tissue and associated ailments for example muscle spasms, stresses, and injuries, lower back pain, repetitive injuries, Blood Circulation and Respiratory system problems, maternity and labour soreness, post-injury as well as post-operative rehabilitation.

How to book the massage service?

If you are going to order our outcall massage therapy then simply you will call us, get your place address noted and outcallmassage will be at your door.

** Please note that I am an outcall only service, meaning that I come to your home or office to massage you. I do not have a location for you to come to me. **


All services provided by me are professional non-sexual massage therapy services. Any client scheduling a session for the purpose of solicitation of sexual acts will be reported to the proper authority and denied service from me now and in the future. If I travel to the location of such client and is then informed of these intentions, the client will be required to pay the full service fees without receiving treatment.

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