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4 Popular Kinds of Massage Therapy You Need to Know

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The Outcall Therapy – Do you know that outside there available many different kinds of massage therapy? Almost every type of massage has a different focus on the parts of healing or body approaches. We all understand that massage is the practice of kneading and rubbing the body using hands. The therapist will give different pressure to the muscle to ease the pain. Learn about different massage therapy here!

1. Hot Stone Massage

There are several health researchers found that hot stone massage can make our body relax. Hot stone massage also can ease muscle tension, relieves pain, improve blood flow, and so on. This kind of massage is pretty same as a Swedish massage where the therapist uses heated stones while massaging. Usually, hot stone massage is near 90 minutes long and you don’t wear clothes.

2. Aromatherapy Massage

If you have some emotional problems or want to boost your mood, this might be the perfect massage for you. An aromatherapy massage combines the use of some essential oils and also gently pressure. Usually, you will get a full-body massage or you can request to the therapist to focus only at one part of your body.

3. Deep Tissue Massage

A Swedish massage will give you a gentle pressure and this deep tissue massage use more pressure than it. It is will be perfect for you if you have some chronic muscle problems like injury or imbalance. Better you avoid this type of massage if you have sensitive problems to the pressure.

4. Shiatsu Massage

This is the type of massage that will help you to relieve stress, tension, and also pain on your body. It is one kind of Japanese massage that has several health benefits for you. The shiatsu therapist will do full-body massage but will give more attention to some areas that need extra focus.

So these are several kinds of massage therapy that popular from around the world. You can choose different types of massage belong to your need. Massage can help you relax after a busy week in your office. For reservation outcall massage in Kuala Lumpur, kindly call : +6018-7731729 (Staff). Just mobile massage only.