If there is pain in the body press this part on the leg

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Did you know that reflexology at certain points on the feet can relieve pain in the body and nervous system? Not only that some of these points can relieve stress and keep other parts of the body healthy. Research has shown that foot reflexology has the same pain-relieving potential and tendency as medicine. This time we will share some tips about the soles of the feet that can give you some relief from the pain you feel in your body or nervous system.

What are Reflexology Points?

Reflexology is a form of massage that involves applying different pressures to different parts of the feet or hands. And according to this certain parts of the body are connected to organs and certain systems of the body. The purpose of reflexology is to reduce stress and calm parts of the body that are not stressed.

Before massaging your feet or hands its important to understand some massage techniques and proper technique so that it can have the greatest effect on certain parts of the body. While this reflex acts on many parts of the body the most popular is the foot reflex: when you think about it the feet are the lower half of the body. But if you have the right settings and pressure you can feel just as much results as any other part.