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5 important things to know about Traditional Thai Massage – Outdoor Therapy

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At first glance a traditional Thai massage may seem like yoga with acupressure to the client. In many ways this is an accurate observation as traditional Thai massage finds its roots in thousands of years of Indian and Chinese Ayurvedic medicine. History of Traditional Thai Massage.

Thailands proximity to China and the arrival of Buddhism from India resulted in some aspects of Thai culture being borrowed from Chinese and Indian customs. The ancient healing traditions of the Thais are part of their culture and they can feel both of these influences. Central to the concept of traditional Thai massage is the life force called lum which is released by stimulating invisible energy pathways called chen just as Chinese meridians are stimulated by pressure and needles to restore ch J or human life. Power. Hatha Yoga is the most obvious Indian influence on traditional Thai massage. This is because hatha yoga is primarily about finding mental balance (in preparation for meditation) and releasing tensions and traumas that have built up in the body over time.

Benefits of Thai Massage Built-in muscle tension can lead to joints and pain you didnt know existed until you provoked the tension. Sometimes this tension can lead to painful breathing (especially if located along the scapular region) frequent dull headaches if the tension is located at the base of the neck and pain in the lower back that is relieved by medication. It didnt run away. Sometimes the pain persists until proper pressure is applied to the target areas. All these muscle spasms limit a persons flexibility and range of motion which Thai massage can restore after a few treatments. Thai massage originated from the need to improve blood circulation in Buddhist monks who stayed in one position for long periods of time. The same principle can be applied today to people working in environments where accepting positions over time is part of their job. Like yoga the benefits of traditional Thai massage are not just physical. It is not unusual to see a clear complexion a clearer mind and a state that can only be described as euphoric with a kind of total energy and state of mind as a result of an hours massage. Man is surrounded. With the strength to face the challenges of everyday life. Because of the psychological well-being of traditional Thai massage people with depression may also benefit from massage therapy as part of their medical treatment. After all massage therapy is scientifically proven. It reduces the stress hormone cortisol and increases the neurohormone oxytocin (also known as the love hormone) which is released during continuous physical contact. Because people with depression usually lack the motivation to practice supportive yoga may be just what they need.